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Adirondack Cycling Club

2016 Calendar Year

Still A Bargain Individuals $15 Family $20

Ride Levels
(Level terrain)
18+ MPH
15-18 MPH
13-14 MPH
11-12 MPH
Do you ride in the Greater Plattsburgh Area...
or in the North-Eastern Adirondacks?
Come ride with us!
We offer group rides for all levels!  Social... to Serious...
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For those riders on the "3 Ferry Ride"...
Plattsburgh: Max Wind Speed: 25mph; Max Gust: 63mph.
Burlington: Max Wind Speed: 29mph; Max Gust: 38mph.
(If you were wondering. From

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Non-ACC Upcoming Events
Wishing to sell or buy cycling gear? List it in a new thread in the Equipment Forum!
  New threads(offers) sent to all members.  Replies to original lister only..
The goal of the Adirondack Cycling Club is to create an environment that encourages bicycle touring of our beautiful area.

In this way we hope to promote the health and fitness of our members in a safe, social, and fun way.
Our plan is really pretty simple. We hope to attract members who are interested in road biking in the Adirondacks. We will schedule most rides for Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. We hope to get riding early in the year so we can increase our fitness, strength and endurance as the season progresses. We expect our early season rides to be shorter and gentler. As things progress we hope that those riders desiring more challenging rides will find and encourage others. We also hope that this structure will remain flexible enough to grow, change or even splinter as we discover new ways to enjoy rides and share our love for riding.